Jade Meditation Roller


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100% Real Jade with NO Dyes

This is a popular natural, holistic beauty tool used for years in Asia, and has now become a "go to" for estheticians and beauty enthusiasts! Jade means Beautiful Stone. It is the stone known as a meditation for the skin! 

Our dual-sided roller allows for maximum usage the EGF Rejuvenating Serum. The smaller roller is best for the eye and temple areas, and the larger sized roller is best for the cheeks, forehead and neck.


  • Stimulates collagen
  • Increases oxygen
  • Helps close pores
  • Helps drive serums into the skin
  • Brightens complexion
  • Reduces puffiness & wrinkles
  • Plumps fine lines
  • Increases energy flow (known as Chi) between meridian points
  • Helps breakdown scar tissue left from acne
  • Breaks down build-up from toxins around the jawline and chin
  • Helps reduce congestion and pressure from sinuses and aides in relief from headaches


Jade: means Beautiful stone. Known for its healing properties.

  • Jade has a cooling effect which helps with inflammation (When left in the fridge, apply to puffy eyes or skin to calm inflammation)
  • Also known to affect your body's energy - the electrical current in between meridians - bringing harmony
  • Not only is Jade the "Beauty" stone, it holds valuable metaphysical properties. It's known as a protective, "good luck" stone, and considered the imperial gem in ancient China.
  • Represents sweet, light and nourishing healing energy

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