Meditation Face Rollers


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Meditation Face Rollers
Meditation Face Rollers
Meditation Face Rollers
Meditation Face Rollers

This is a popular natural, holistic beauty tool used for years in Asia, and has now become a "go-to" for estheticians and beauty enthusiasts!

No Dye

100% Real Stones - Many rollers that offered at a low price are fake stones. Using chemical fake stone rollers is not good for the skin. 

 Benefits of Face Rolling (Neck too):

 - Promote blood circulation and improves oxygen supply to the skin.

- Depuff and clam under eyes. 

- Improving elasticity, skin tone, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and     wrinkles.

- Contour and lifting. 

- Drives in skin care products.

- Brightening skin.


Jade Roller

Known as the Beauty Stone, Jade is a cooling stone. Many think Jade is dark green and this is not the case. Many companies sell "Dyed" rollers which is why they are so inexpensive. Jade comes in many shades. 

Opal Roller

Opal will attract happiness and a zest for life making it a great stone to use during your daily facial. It's known as the emotional stone, releases inhibitions, encourages independence and stimulates creativity.

Rose Quartz Roller

Opening the heart- LOVE, destress, purifying energy, up-lifting.


Let's ROLL- Instructions

- Make sure that your face is cleansed and toned prior to doing so. Ideally take your EGF Rejuvenating Serum and add 2-5 drops (more is better) onto face.

- Ensure that your roller is clean. Begin at the bottom of the face and roll upward. Rolling from bottom to top is thought to offer optimum results, and rolling back and forth is not as effective. 

- When it comes to the forehead, roll from between the eyes and outward to the top of each temple, almost as if to form a ‘V’. Then, roll over both eyebrows horizontally to balance out the energy of the brow. This can be used to treat headaches and migraines. 

- Use the small end of the roller underneath the eye sockets, rolling upward. Do the same over the bridge of the nose, starting at the tip and moving into the middle of the brows. 

 - Roll for a minimum of 5 minutes each morning, or up to 10 minutes if your schedule allows for it. 

How to Care for your Meditation Face Roller

Do not run under water. 

At minimum, you’ll want to give your roller a wipe after every use. A weekly “deep clean” of the unit using soap and water would be recommended if adopting this approach. We like to use a small amount of face wash on the rollers after every use. Leave it out to dry naturally as opposed to using a towel that might be carrying bacteria. 

Avoid soaking your rollers in water for long periods of time, and don’t use hot water unless you are purposely trying to heat up the device prior to rolling. 

Meditation Face Rollers
Meditation Face Rollers
Meditation Face Rollers
Meditation Face Rollers

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